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What Documents Can I Find Here?
With this search you can find Department of Insurance Market Conduct Examination Reports and Insurance Company Responses to the reports. These are not financial reports and are not intended for assessing financial condition.
Market conduct examinations evaluate whether insurance companies are in compliance with ‚Äčthe California Insurance Code and the California Code of Regulations with respect to rating, underwriting and claim practices. Exams are conducted at regular intervals but may also be based on consumer complaints or special requests. Market conduct exams are conducted by the staff of the Market Conduct Division which consists of the Field Rating and Underwriting Bureau and the Field Claims Bureau.
Market conduct examination reports document the findings of Department examiners. The reports identify the size of the policy sample or claim sample that was reviewed by the examiners and indicate any alleged violations of the law discovered during the exam. The reports also summarize actions taken by the insurers to correct the alleged non-compliant practices. The public reports of examination available here contain alleged violations of CIC Section 790.03, Prohibited Acts, and the Fair Claims Settlement Practices regulations. In some cases, the examinations serve as the basis for a formal legal enforcement action against an insurer.
How Far Back Do The Documents Go?
Market Conduct Examination Reports posted on or after July 1, 2001 are available through this site. For all other examinations contact the Department's Custodian of Records.
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